Thoughts and Fiction of Suzy Athey

Welcome to my Site

I am a published writer and have been writing for as long as I can remember, be it my thoughts, fact based articles, poetry or fiction.

I live in Essex, England with my partner who is the love of my life and my two boys aged 12 and 7.

I work from home running my own Dog Boarding Company.

I love reading as much as writing.  But when I am not doing that, I am busy walking dogs, doing crosswords, going to the theatre, listening to music or enjoying a good film.  Other than my kids and my partner the other love of my life is UFC/MMA - watching it, not participating!

I hope you enjoy reading the various blog genres on here - Stories, Poetry and Thoughts. 

Please take a moment to click the Reader Comments link and leave me feedback - it is appreciated so much more than you realise.

If you want me to write about anything by all means let me know and I will do my best.  And finally, let me know your blog details so I can follow you.

With all the very best

Suzy Athey

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