So last night was my first live event in the MMA field.  I treated myself for my birthday and have been looking forward to it for weeks.  Finally the night arrived and after spending a day doing nothing, in preparation for the big night out, we set off about 4.30pm. We decided to get the train so we could relax and not worry about parking or having a drink.

The journey was relatively easy coming from Essex and being able to go direct to Limehouse.  My feet were killing me before I even got out of our road but this is the price we women have to pay for looking nice.  Thankfully the Troxy in Commercial Road was a very short walk from the station.  Although for me it felt like one hundred miles.

We entered the Troxy and were very impressed by the venue.  The surrounding area looked awful but once inside we were impressed.  Plush foyer with lots of pretty ladies half naked for my partner, David to have a look at but obviously I didn’t look at any of the many men!

We headed straight for the main room to find our seats.  My first thought whilst waiting for David to visit the men’s room was ‘oh dear, I am too old, the music is loud’!  But the music adds to the atmosphere even as early as we were there.

I hobbled down the stairs on my very high wedges and we found our table.  A little two seater booth, second row directly looking down onto the Octagon.  We were dead impressed.  Even more so when we realised the bar was nearby and there was even an outdoor smoking area for those of us addicted to the evil weed.

Sore feet apart I managed to go up and down the stairs on numerous occasions to the bar, toilet and smoking area.  I was impressed by how lovely everyone looked.  I had been concerned that my pretty summer dress was too much but every person I saw had made the effort to dress up.  I could have been at the Royal Wedding; such were some of the frocks.

The Troxy is really lovely inside and I loved the old architecture of it.  I have no idea if this is the original architecture or reconstructed but it certainly had a lovely feel to it and was not what I was imagining in the slightest.  This venue is used for many different events and I can see how it would work well for all kinds.

When booking my tickets I had managed to get straight through to the promoter Dave O’Donnell who was really helpful and gave good advice.  And he made my day when he put us on the guest list for the after party.  Seeing Dave in the flesh, was the same as seeing him on the television.  He looks and sounds and acts exactly the same and he really makes me chuckle.  This is the sort of person you need for events like this and obviously why he is successful.

Although I was a little jealous of the ringside seats I was happy with our seats and once the glasses went on, I could see perfectly.  The only downside to the Troxy was the heat as it isn’t air conditioned but with the huge industrial fans, I managed to do a Marilyn Monroe on numerous occasions during the evening.  Plus having the outside area means you can pop out there to cool down, if you don’t mind passive smoking.

The fights started and I was in awe.  I have watched a lot of UFC over the last few months and as my previous blog stated, I have fallen in love with it.  I had no idea if UCMMA would be the same so I was pleasantly surprised when I found it was exactly the same.  Kicks and punches, holds and submissions but not so much blood.  Guess it was the fighter’s lucky night.

I am a huge fan of kick boxing and there is just something about those kicks that leave me gasping.  I was pleased to see quite a few of those last night.  Obviously we were all waiting for the main event Jason Barrett v Alex Reid.  What with all the hype beforehand with Jason calling Alex out publicly and then Alex kissing Jason at the press conference the tension and adrenaline was pumping.

For my first live event I was pleased that I actually knew some of the fighters.  Even though I would have loved it anyway, which I can now say with conviction, to know there was a big, well publicised fight, was really exciting.

The other fights of the night were still good and a great induction into live events.  Dave said I would be better sitting on the balcony because it was my first time and to be fair I think he was right.  Although next time, I’m ringside even if I have to rob a bank!

So finally the main event was imminent and there I was, sore feet and all, squatting up on my knees purely because I couldn’t sit still.

Having called the winner as Jason Barrett on Twitter I had been getting some stick off of Alex Reid fans but I called it how I thought it would go.  Personally I thought Alex was more showman than fighter.  And it seemed at first that I was proved right. 

Jason made his entrance without any drama and to a pumping tune.  Then we had to wait.  And wait.  Alex decided to send in pre-fight entertainers, skilled in the Brazilian art form of Capoeira who were very good but after a while we all got a bit bored waiting.  And me being vocal I decided to boo!

Finally Alex arrived and it was time to get it on.  I had said to David that I hoped it went the full time or more or less because it was so exciting.  Sadly it didn’t go past the first round.  Jason came out with a barrage of jabs but Alex just covered up.  Then Alex took Jason down and almost immediately he had Jason in a triangle choke.  Jason had no option but to tap out.

He was distraught which was understandable.  Alex however was very humble in his victory and it did change my opinion of him from before yesterday.  I always thought he was an okay guy but felt he had got caught up in the drama of being a celebrity. 

Jason I found very down to earth having spoken to him on Twitter a few times.  He was also took the defeat with grace and dignity.  And after publically apologising to Chantelle Houghton for the street brawl, saying sorry for the way he called the fight and saying he had underestimated Alex’s strength no one could have anything but respect for him. 

Alex was very calm with his victory and what a gentleman, after being presented with a Rolex watch for his win, he then presented it to Jason.  I am a sentimental old fool but it had me grinning. 

Finally they left the ring and although disappointed it didn’t last longer after all my excitement, I was still smiling.  What a great evening and I didn’t flinch once.  Okay, I did cover my eyes a couple of times but I am a lady and that’s my prerogative!

We headed to the line for the after party but realised we would have to get the train very soon if we were going to make it home.  After a sad discussion, we realised we would have to forego the party so made our way to the foyer to head out.

But then we saw Jason Barrett having photos.  Me being me, I went over, edging my way through the big guys until I was there.  Someone who was possibly a minder but rather small and skinny said I couldn’t talk to Jason.  Hmm was my thought as after twittering back and forth he had promised me a bottle of champagne.  I only wanted a glass but hey who was I to argue with a fighter?!  I told the said man I talked to Jason and he gave in.  I didn’t even flutter my lashes!

Jason was so lovely, I told him I was the mad woman who was going to have to pass on that glass of bubbly.  I think he probably thought ‘aghhh she is real’ but he was very polite and let myself and David have a photo taken with him.  Sadly, the photo of me is so awful because I decided to start talking at the same time and the result was me with a stupid expression so I’m keeping it under wraps! 

We then headed home with smiles on our faces and very hot bodies. 

Today I read on Twitter that people are saying the fight between Reid and Barrett was a fix.  You know what, I am astounded.  Firstly, why would Jason who has publicly and very vocally called Alex out let the fight be fixed?  Secondly, within this sport you may be at the top of your game or an up and coming fighter, you may be rated highly or the underdog.  No one can honestly call a fight because it takes one choke, one bar, one kick or one punch to end the fight and that can come from either fighter.

So for those saying it was fixed, including Tom Kong Watson, I say don’t spoil all the hype that happened before and don’t mar the actual fight.  Let us who went and especially me, who went and got totally sucked into the whole atmosphere, enjoy it for what it was.

Will I be going again?  Oh yes I certainly will and before I go, in true fighter form I’d just like to say thank you to Dave O’Donnell for sorting it all out for us, it was an amazing night.  Thank you to Jason for taking the time to have a chat, I’ll hold you to that drink!  And finally thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this.