I have just finished reading the interview The Sun did with Frankie Cocozza.  Initially I thought why are they printing this twallop but I found myself reading it and as a writer, I understand this sells papers.  So here are my thoughts on the whole sorry saga.

Frankie came to the X Factor auditions, the cheeky chappy with the tatted butt.  I didn't particularly like his voice and as I am getting on a bit, his look is way out of my taste range.  But I appreciated that he had the right look and persona that the fans and teenage girls would fall in love with.

Sadly, in all but a few cases, the music industry is all about 'the look'.  If you don't have the look you aren't going to make it.  Not in every instance, as some people who don't fit the stereotype do make it.  But I am sure you all know what I mean.

So Frankie got through to boot camp and then, after a poor audition, the live shows.  Some will say he didn't deserve to go through and others will still stand by the decision that he made it.

He continued the whole cheeky, rock n roll attitude and for some it melted their hearts but for others young and old, it left us with a sick feeling.

I think it was a kick in the teeth for Frankie when he found himself in the bottom two.  I think he and possibly Gary believed he had the potential to go a long way.  And maybe he would have due to his character and personality that so many seemed to love.  Remember it isn't always about the voice.

We then hear early this week that Frankie has been kicked off of the X Factor due to breaking a golden rule.  Speculation was rife but today the full story is in The Sun and it has left me needing to write a blog.

So many people in this world, deserve and want the opportunity Frankie was given.  But he went and messed it all up for himself in a spectacular fashion.  I don't have any malice towards him and I understand he is just an 18 year old who was thrown into the limelight.  But to openly brag about taking drugs and sleeping with a number of women is pure stupidity.

Where is his own self respect and where is the self respect of the girls who have gone to the paper and sold their stories?  I had a little 'thing' with a famous (in his time) footballer but I never went to the papers, even though they would have paid for the story.  I didn't want my parents reading about it in the paper nor did I want or feel the need to embarrass myself or even the man in question, even though he was a total numpty.  I wasn't a groupie, I genuinely liked the man and I hasten to add, I did not do anything literally with him.  The whole story I could of sold was about his behaviour and attitude which was appalling.

Frankie has apologised and said how ashamed he is but some young kids who look up to him are going to read of his exploits and think 'cool'.  They will think, taking drugs will make them a party animal just like Frankie and they will also think that banging as many girls as possible is the only way.

I am by no means a prude.  I was once young and at times utterly stupid.  My friends all took drugs socially, but I never did.  I try not to judge anyone for the way they behave or the way they are but I do have to smile sadly at people such as Frankie who ruin a huge opportunity for themselves because they can't say no.

I think it is far better to be your own person and not follow the crowd and do what others want you to do.  I never took drugs despite the whole army around me doing so and taking the rise out of me for not joining in.  Did I miss out on anything?  No.  I enjoyed most of my teenage years and as I said made a few mistakes.  But as I also said, I did not need to spill the beans on my life or that of others, to anyone. 

Young up and comers need to take responsibility for their actions and not throw away chances they are given because in todays climate of crisis, there are not going to be too many big chances coming anyones way.

I hope Frankie sorts himself out and but most importantly, I hope he learns to respect himself a little more.  If you can't respect yourself, you can't expect anyone else to respect you either. Love or loathe Frankie, I am sure he will make something of himself as he has the right personality for the media world.  Hopefully if he gets the chance again, this time he will embrace it in the right way.