Andy Gray has been sacked for 'inappropriate behaviour' which consists of, if I have read this correctly, commenting on a female referees ability to understand the offside rule and her appearance. And asking a fellow female presenter to 'tuck this in' referring to a microphone by his waist.

I am so irate about all this that I figured I would write about it!

I worked in football for about four years, back when I left school. The club was obviously full of men, the women being the minority. Football after all is a predominately male dominated field. And what is wrong with that? I don't dispute that women can totally understand football, along with all the rules and regulations that accompany it. I am pretty clued up on football to be honest, but since my children have started playing football, I have found myself learning things I never knew.

My point is, yes women can work within football and yes they can understand what it is all about and do a good job at the same time. But what we have to remember and I want to reiterate is, that football is a mans field.

I am maybe a little traditional in that I believe there are jobs in this world for men and jobs for women. Again, some people are capable of switching roles and doing it better than the other sex would. But I for one do not want to change light bulbs, plugs or put flat packs together. I am happy doing the cooking, washing and ironing. I had a friend who was able to do all the 'woman' jobs and at the same time, build sheds, lay decking and do electrics. Good luck to her, but it isn't for me and to be honest a lot of men find it intimidating.

Back to the sacking. Andy Gray should not have been sacked. Yes it was naive to comment on the officals ability but how many times have commentators complained about a male official? Millions of times, yet no one, to the best of my knowledge has ever been sacked.

And friendly banter between colleagues is a given in most jobs so when his comment to his co-presenter was received with a smile, why is this now being noted as 'inappropriate'?

I think this world is far too politically correct. There was none of this when I was working in football. Us girls always had the lads popping in the office and being cheeky, we didn't make complaints or take time off with stress. As far as I am concerned it goes with the territory. Hell, do you not think female prison officers have comments made about them? You don't see them taking time off or registering complaints. As I said, you work in a 'mans world' you take the banter.

I am not suggesting for one minute that any woman or man for that matter should be subjected to sexual assault or bullying. I do not tolerate that but what Andy Gray has been sacked for is not anywhere near this level.

One thing that astounds me more than anything. What about the football players who have committed serious acts of a criminal nature such as violent and sexual assaults? They are allowed to play football again. Marlon King for example. It is reported that he sexually assaulted someone and then punched her in the face, he was found guilty, did his time and is now playing again. Can you see the point I am making.

Andy Gray should not have been sacked and should be reinstated. I hope he wins his legal battle and is not made an example of. He is a good football pundit and has been around forever. Lets stop this politically correct madness and do the right thing for once.
Wednesday 26th January 2011