I want to have a moan and I haven't been using my blog as much of late so I thought I'd have a quick rant on here.

My thirteen year old son is doing really well at school.  In most of his subjects he is above average or where he should be.  He is in the top set for everything so is very academic.  He is also a sporty kid and enjoys playing football for his team outside of school.  He also used to play cricket and was really good at that.

So when he started senior school in September 2010, I wasn't worried about him in any way.  He did try out a few after school sports clubs because he wanted to.  But being as, at that time, he was playing both football and cricket outside of school, and being that his dad and I are separated, he had to find time to do all his homework, training for his teams and visit his dad, he did not want to carry on.  He tried rugby but didn't like it so decided he would rather concentrate on his other lessons and homework rather than take up all his time with after school clubs.

I think that is a fair enough and a sensible decision.  However, his PE teacher does not agree and when I received Luke's report at the end of the academic year, he was graded as below average in PE.

I was in shock as Luke likes PE and is doing really well in class, so he tells me.  He also, under insistence from his PE Teacher started to do athletics for the school so it isn't like he has done nothing or tried different things.

I happened to catch up with his PE teacher a few weeks ago and asked him why he had down graded Luke who is obviously a sporty kid.  He agreed that Luke is indeed very sporty but says he downgraded him as he doesn't give as much effort in class as he could do.  I didn't argue as I agree that he needs to always try his best and not settle at middle ground.

However, he then went on to say that part of the reason he downgraded Luke was because he will not take part in after school clubs.  I explained that we do encourage him to try things but also explained his home situation. 

Since the beginning of this year, Luke has been constantly pulled aside by his teacher and told he has to do rugby and basketball.  It got to the point last week that I decided to ask Luke exactly what clubs he would like to do to see if I could get the teacher off of his back.  Being as we all love MMA in this house, he said he would love there to be a wrestling club and would happily do more athletics aswell.

So I emailed his teacher and explained what Luke is interested in doing and asked if he may consider starting a wrestling club.  I told him how MMA is the up and coming sport and that all American High Schools do it. 

I expected a reply at least but assumed the email hadn't got through.  So when Luke told me he had spoken to his teacher and that he had told Luke wrestling was out of the question because the sport was dangerous, I found myself getting increasingly annoyed.

I am annoyed because I believe wrestling would be a fantastic outlet for kids.  It would be carried out in a controlled environment and is not striking, just grappling and learning techniques.  But apparently this is too dangerous which is ridiculous as the man insists on my son taking part in rugby which is, in my opinion, more dangerours and would have a higher chance of a head injury or other injuries.

Luke text me today to tell me that his teacher has again been on at him and has now told him he is unreliable.  How can a person be unreliable if they do not agree to do something in the first place.  He was considering taking a BTec in PE but has now changed his mind because he feels he is being pressured unfairly.

I am at the end of my tether with this teacher.  He may not want to do a wrestling club but he has to stop his constant harrassment of my son to play rugby and basketball, something he has no interest in doing.  If he carries on I can see Luke hating going to school on PE days. 

I feel I will have to send another email for him to ignore or failing that, I'll go and see him face to face and if that doesn't work I will arrange to see the Head of PE instead.

The sad thing is, there are so many kids at that school who could benefit from a disciplined activity.  There have been a lot of bullying stories and also drug dealing seen with outsiders coming to the fence and dealing drugs to children inside the gates.  Maybe if we gave these kids something to focus on and something they can get their teeth into, they would turn away from the path they are currently heading.

Anyone agree?