I had some fantastic feedback on the blog article I posted yesterday regarding my experience at my first live MMA event.  I woke up to wonderful messages from around the globe and sat here grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat!

Imagine my horror when I received a message from none other than Bret Freeman saying how much he enjoyed my review.  Horror, why?  You may ask, but in all my excitement in covering the fighters and the venue and obviously my horribly uncomfortable shoes, I missed out the star of the show.

So in a humble attempt at an apology, this little blog will be solely about Bret with a little of me thrown in for good measure no doubt.

I first saw Bret a few weeks ago on Cage Fighter where he was being interviewed by Dave O’Donnell.  So when I arrived at The Troxy on Saturday night and saw Bret, I immediately knew who he was.  There is something quite satisfying about starting to recognise people within the industry, especially when you are a new fan of the sport.

Bret Freeman is a top class Ring Announcer having covered countless events within the MMA industry.  To any fans of this sport, the name Bret Freeman is up there with the most famous.

I got to see the man in action with my very own eyes on Saturday and what a star he really is, both in his appearance and professionalism at what he does. 

Sitting at my little booth I said to my partner, David ‘hey that’s Bret from the television programme we watched’.  David had a look and agreed I was right, now that tells you something because I recognised him before David and please understand I am quite blind when it comes to long distances.

But to be fair you couldn’t really miss Bret on Saturday.  He wore a super cool sparkly jacket that glistened under the lights of the Octagon.  And his distinctive American accent would give him away to even the blindest people, namely me!  But how can I not mention the shoes.  I mean my shoes and I had a terrible relationship on Saturday night, my poor feet have the wounds to prove it.  Bret however had shoes to die for.  For starters they weren’t six inch wedges like mine and they shone like the brightest stars.  Sparkly like his jacket and indeed his personality, I think I could write a whole blog just on the shoes! 

With his boyish good looks, he looks far younger than his years and in my opinion exudes a stereotypical all round, wholesome American.  You would never place him in his forties; it must be due to a skincare routine that he keeps under wraps!  I wonder if I can get the exclusive on that one, what do you say Bret?

There are numerous Announcers in sport and we all love the big build up that they give the fights.  This being my first event, I was hoping for the same rush of adrenaline I always get when the Announcers introduce the main event of the evening.  And I can assure you I was not disappointed.

With the fighters in the ring, it was ‘go time’ (ok I stole the famous line).  He has the look and he has the voice.  Never having heard anyone announce live and only ever having heard Jimmy Lennon Junior and Bruce Buffer, I was eagerly awaiting Bret’s moment.  I confess I got a thrill run through me when he spoke and it had me jiggling about in my seat.  No offense to Bruce Buffer but to be honest after watching UFC on Sunday, I have to say Bret did a much better job!

Fighting is fighting and not everyone likes the sport but to be honest it wasn’t just about the fighting for me on Saturday, the whole evening was fantastic.  And Bret ‘Hollywood’ Freeman, being a master at his game, certainly managed to get the crowd going and in turn had me; the little newcomer, smiling nearly as bright as his shoes!

So having felt suitably ashamed this morning, I hope I have redeemed myself a little.  And I honestly can’t wait until the next event I attend and feel that rush once again.