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Riding on horseback, the wind in my hair
Looking for wildlife that I know is there
Hearing the sound of the birds merry song
This is truly where I belong

Patting the neck of the stallion I ride
The soft velvet touch, of his silky hide
Feeling the sun beat down upon me
This is truly where I want to be

The rhythmic patter of hooves on the ground
The gentle swaying of trees all around
Stopping to see the scene; I’m in awe
This is truly what I love, for sure

Tying my mount to a dirty old oak
Dipping in lakes where I love to soak
Settling down on the edge of a lake
This is truly amazing, all else I’d forsake

Back on my horse to head homeward bound
To the peace and tranquillity I have found
Into my cabin, fire roaring at night
This is truly my dream; it is all that feels right

I close my eyes

I close my eyes so I can picture your face
Here I can lock you away in my special place
I close my eyes so you are alive in my heart
Here we’re together, we’re never apart.

I close my eyes, almost feel your breath on my skin
Feel its warmth that gathers from within
I close my eyes and feel as though you are here
Right beside me, so close, so near.

I close my eyes and I see you smiling at me
Soft gentle lips, parted and moist is what I see
I close my eyes and watch your eyes shining bright
Twinkling like stars in the black of the night

I close my eyes and I whisper your name
Can you hear me, are you doing the same?
I close my eyes and it’s only then that I’m free
Relaxed and at peace, when you are with me

Finding You

I found you one day and wow what a find
Now you are with me locked in my mind
I cannot imagine a time before you
Or how each day I managed to get through
You light up my life from my very core
I hardly know you but already I’m sure
You are a gem discovered by me
But I’m keeping you secret from everybody
It may have been funny how we did meet
But fate led us to the very same street
Now that I have you I’m not letting go
I want you forever and beyond don’t you know
So smile now my sweetest friend
Cos your stuck with me until time does to end.

I Want

I want to hold you close, feel your skin on mine
Touch and taste your lips that are so mighty fine
I want to lay my head upon your chest
Have you stroke my hair, in the way I like it best
I want to sit and look at you, right into your eyes
Share all I’m feeling, that came as a surprise
I want to caress you gently, from your head down to your toes
Convey all this passion that continues to grow and grow
I want to be there for you, hear you laugh and see you grin
And to be the one that cares to know you from within
I want to be the one who takes you completely as you are
The good, the bad, the terrible, the happy, the sad, the laughs
I want you to know that I like you for being you
No need to pretend to me, cos I like that you are true
I want to end by saying, you’ve touched me in a special place
Now everyone I look at, they all seem to have your face
I want to tell you honey, that you mean the world to me
If the world stopped tomorrow, I’d die happy as can be


Never regret what you have done
Or what you have never had
Be grateful for what you do have
The good times and the bad

The good times make us laugh
And are remembered with a smile
The bad times makes us stronger
Yet to realise it, takes a while

Do everything you want to do
All the things that you do dream
There not as far out of reach
As they sometimes seem

Take time to show you love someone
Whoever that may be
Even if that someone
Does not feel the same as thee

Don't spend time on enemies
Or people who bring you down
It's far better to smile at them
Than berate them with a frown

Yesterday has passed us by
Today is here and now
But tomorrow is up to you
To use the best way you know how

Most of all be yourself
Be proud of who you are
Cos out there somewhere, just for you
Someone is wishing on a star

Opening Doors

Don't look at me with eyes full of pain
For I am not the one who shoulders the burden of blame
Didn't I do all that I possibly could
Wasn't I the one who tried to make everything good

I've been hurting just as much as you
Yet I'm the one whose pain couldn't cope with the truth
Burying the past, leaving things left unsaid
I may have tried to forgive but I can never forget

Locked in my mind, thoughts battling in my head
Worthless, confused, alone inside, a heart that was dead
I tried to move on and I tried so very hard
But now it's my turn to play the very same card

And somehow you blame me, regardless of how it begun
I'm the bad guy, the villain, the evil one
But I'm not can't you see, I felt scared and unsure
And just like with you, someone showed me a new door

The door was opened, left me hungry to learn
And with all the uncertainty, there was one thing I yearned
I would no longer live a lie each and every day
I'd be happy again, no more pain, in any way

So as you stand there with tears on your cheeks
I no longer feel sad, I've been there, for weeks
As you now look and realise you ruined our life
I know I can no longer be your wife

You had your fun before the boredom set in
Then back to me with an apologetic grin
You thought I could love you again, make it work, make it last
And so did I, I thought I could erase the past

But then I met someone who stopped all my woe
Made me laugh and happy again, yet took it so slow
This someone changed me, made me feel wanted and sure
And it is him that I want, for all my days – evermore

I Like You/Because

I like you because of the way you make me feel
And because when I think of you, the smile that
appears is real.

I like you because you are kind and true
And because what you say is a
reflection of you.

I like you because you are interested in me
And because that interest is genuine and
filled with honesty.

I like you because you are normal in every way
And because that is hard to find
in this world today.

I like you because you are very cute
And because along with that you
are sexy to boot.

I like you because you make me feel young
And because it is a great feeling that
cannot be undone.

I like you because you say what you mean
And because it matters that you speak what
you feel and what you have seen.

I like you because you can make me mad
And because you can also make me feel so
many things, good and bad.

I like you because you are who you are
And because liking you feels good even
from a distance afar.

I like you because you are one special man
And because liking you makes me love you
in the way, only I can.

I can’t

I want to kiss the man I love
Feel him next to me as I sleep, have him hold me when I weep
But I can’t.

I want to feel his hand
Pressed into mine as we walk, take time to listen and talk
But I can’t.

I want to dance with him under the stars
Laugh outside in the rain, as he whispers my name
But I can’t.

I want to be the one he thinks of
When his eyes open to a new day, see him smile that special way
But I can’t.

I want to breathe his scent
As much as the oxygen I need, follow him no matter where he leads
But I can’t.

I want to love him completely
Let him know that I’m there, that it’s all just so unfair
But I can’t.

I want to tell him using these words
That it may be far from ideal, but it makes it no less real
But I can’t.

I want to tell him that I can’t be with him
So I dream of him instead, making everything real in my head
But I can’t.