Everyone is judging me because I’ve gone on strike
From children to adults and the Government alike
I took the role as fireman, it was my childhood dream
But it isn’t really glamorous, although this is how it’s seen
I want to be saving lives, not on a picket line
Waving all the banners and heavy wooden signs
I’ve heard the nasty comments, I hear what people say
But is it really so bad that I ask for a bit more pay
We only work four days a week, you think this is great
Most of us do two jobs though, a factor that we hate
We never see our families, can never plan ahead
And of the time we do get off, we spend asleep in bed
Fighting fires is what I do and I do it well
Fear rushes through me when I hear the fire bell
You never know what’ll happen or what you may see
Imagine a wrecked car or finding a child’s body
So next time that you think I’m wrong and are getting all uptight
Take a breath, sit and think, you’ll see that I’m right

My Job

I am a fireman
Yes one of those
The one being judged
Why? I don’t know

I work hard at my job
I give it my all
But it’s hard at present
To keep my cool

Some people are angry
Cos we are making a stand
Yet others are ready
To just shake our hand

Do you think we like it
Striking like this
It’s not what we wanted
Not what we wished

We just want to get
A little more pay
So we don’t have to work
When off for a day

It’s not much to ask
Of the powers that be
To give us a little
Bit more money

It really is a blatant fact
That we deserve a little more
Instead of living meagrely
And always being poor

So Mr Tony Blair
It’s time you had the grace
To give us what we’ve wanted
Before you lose face

We won’t give in to you
I hope you realise
So stop it all right now
And give us a pay rise

Love or Lust

I don’t know how much longer I will be able to resist
This throbbing inside of me, to kiss your sexy lips
I look at you and I’ve never felt in my life before
Such tremors of emotion, this is love or lust I’m sure
Whenever you are near me, it makes me feel shy
This really isn’t like me, so it makes me wonder why
When our skin does touch I have to jump away
I don’t think you have noticed so I think it’s okay
If you weren’t so lovely I wouldn’t go all weak
I wouldn’t feel all fluttery or be inept to speak
One day I might be brave and confess to you it all
But in the meantime I can only pray that for me you will fall

All I Ever Wanted

You are everything
I thought you would be
And now you are there
Right in front of me

It took quite a time
To get you here
I’ve been waiting so long
Just to have you near

I’ll never hurt you
I’ll cherish it all
I’ll always be there
In case you should fall

Your sweet little face
And sleepy blue eyes
I cannot believe it
I just want to cry

I’ll cuddle and kiss you
Love you and care
You are my darling
A bond we shall share

I cannot believe it
How perfect you are
My very own baby
Who is such a star

For My Teacher

As I say goodbye to you
I’m feeling rather sad
Thinking of all the fun times
That in your class I’ve had

I joined your class just last year
And boy how it has flown
I’ve learnt so very much from you
So much I feel I’ve grown

You’ve taught me more than ABC
Much more than 123
I’ve learnt about mini bugs
And counting in steps of three

I’ve learnt about my Christian faith
And built a model slide
All the things that I’ve achieved
Have made me swell with pride

More than just in lessons though
I feel you’ve been my friend
Someone who cares and listens
Someone whose ear I bend

I know I talk quite a lot
And at times I drive you mad
But I’m trying really hard
So I can’t be all that bad

I want to thank you very much
For the time with me you’ve spent
You’re more than just a teacher
You’re an angel heaven sent

I Could

I could dance in the starlight
In the glow of the moon
Watch a rainbow appear
Each day at noon
I could climb tall mountains
Swim across deepest seas
But I’m only my happiest
At the thought of you holding me

I could appear on the stage
Write a number one song
Perhaps star in a film
Watch a sunset all night long
I could travel the world
Of course in first class
But without you
It all seems a farce

I could be very rich
Have a posh car and a boat
Wear sparkly big diamonds
On my fingers and throat
I could pretend to be happy
But I cannot deny
It’s you in my dreams
The rests by the by


Let’s walk on the shore
With the sand between our toes
Hand in hand as the water flows

Let’s find a mountain
And climb it to its peak
No need for words, no need to speak

Let’s swim in a lake
Together, be side by side
With no worries and nowhere to hide

Let’s sit behind a waterfall
Listen to the sounds as one
Catching a glimpse of the midday sun

Let’s dance in the starlight
In the glow of the moon
Hearing the nights merry tune

Shall we do all these things?
Shall we share in each delight?
Together, alone – it feels so right.

I Wanna

I wanna feel your touch
Feel your skin on mine
Touch your body
Oh so fine

I wanna taste your skin
Slippery and wet
Hot and steamy
Shiny with sweat

I wanna kiss those lips
Really soft and slow
Soft and pink
Work to and fro

I wanna hold you close
In my arms tonight
Hold your body
Very tight

I wanna treat you good
And treat you mean
No rules needed
It will keep you keen

I wanna to do these things
That are in my head
That I dream of
When I'm alone in bed.

It’s Time

Here I am, just waiting to die, I'm not understanding the reasoning; why?
I've sat here alone for so many years, And how I've cried lots of silent tears.
It isn't my time, I am so very sure, but I literally cannot speak or do anymore.
My body will die, my mind will go slow, I'll watch the faces as they pass to and fro.
I think it will hurt, I've been told that it will, I can imagine the pain I am bound to feel.I can't die alone, with dignity and in peace, I have to be watched as my life starts to cease.Some say I deserve it, but the truth is not clear, It's never been plain but no one can hear.I'm walking now, my last steps in this life, I've said goodbye to my mum, my kids my wife.I didn't do the things that they say, lets hope that this is discovered one day.By then it will be too late, at least for me, but I hope it makes the world sit up and see.A life for a life, a lot of people cry, but what if they are wrong, should the innocent die?I've sat down, and hear that I'm ready to go, Goodbye to the world and Goodbye to death row.

The Seed

There are times in our lives when we are lost and in need
Then a person comes along and within plants a seed
The seed starts to grow with each passing day
And it sprouts in directions that show us the way
This seed is not normal, it’s special you know
It never gets older or dies, only continues to grow
This seed is a memento, it’s not merely a pip
It’s the symbol of hope and our newfound friendship


Stong arms to hold me, yet arms that know when to let go, kisses from the heart not just for show.
Eyes that can read me and know what I feel, words that mean something that I know are for real.
Lips that are soft, whispering secrets to me, yet comfy in silence when needed to be.
This man of my dreams, a believer in fate, this man is perfection, surely he is my soulmate.


Snatched conversations when time does permit
Smiles and fires within hearts become lit
Dreams at night and during the day
Keeping me going til I'm with you again
Thoughts in my mind that are driving me mad
But something so good just cannot be bad
Thinking of you until again, we do meet
With love to you always my honey my sweet

Quite Simply Love

Your love whispers my name like an ocean lapping the shore
Like the birds flying softly, spreading wings to soar

Your love touches my heart like a flame of fire
Like the passion of lovers so filled with desire

Your love reaches to me like the outstretched hand of a child
Like the screams of revellers riding coasters, wild

Your love feels me like it could fit in my skin
Like the feeling of blood that pumps from within

Your love needs me to take it, claim it as my own
Like a flower needs water to become more than the seed that is grown

Your love was mine from the time we did meet
Your love stays mine until our time on earth is complete

Your love will follow me to the life after this
Our love is not mortal, it is our eternal bliss