I thought I would post my poetry on here for you to have a read of, mostly written in 2002.  Let me know what you think, what you like best and which doesn't do it for you:

If I (Version One)

If I told you I wanted you
Would you still walk away
Or gather me in your arms
And tell me you’d stay

If I told you I needed you
Would you listen and hear
And not walk away with
Your heart filled with fear

If I told you I dreamed of you
Would you look in my eye
Stand beside me with
Your head held high

If I told you I believed in you
Would you feel and know
Not rebuff me with a
Shrug and a so

If I told you I trusted you
Would you feel the same
Not think that it was
All just a game

If I told you I wished for you
Would you wish for me more
Then swear to never
Show me the door

If I told you I loved you
Would you feel it inside
And let our love be
Our only guide

If I (Version Two)

If I told you wanted you
Would you walk away
Cast me aside and carry
On with your day

If I told you I needed you
Would you listen and hear
Or walk away with your
Heart filled with fear

If I told you I dreamed of you
Would you look in my eye
Or walk away with the
Shake of a head and sound of a sigh

If I told you I believed in you
Would you feel it and know
Or walk away with a
Shrug and a so

If I told you I trusted you
Would you feel the same
Or walk away with the
Feeling of shame

If I told you I wished for you
Would you wish for me more
Or walk away with the
Slam of a door

If I told you I loved you
Would you understand my pain
Or walk away and never
See me again

Can You

Look in my eyes
What do you see
Can you trust
What’s inside of me

Touch my skin
What can you feel
Can you believe
It is all for real

Smell my scent
What does it do
Can you explain the
Explosion in you

Kiss my lips
What is the taste
Can you bear it
Going to waste

Hear my words
Are they true
Can you love me
As I love you

You Say

You say my room is dirty
That my hair is such a mess
Why are you so saddened
When I refuse to wear a dress

You say my shoes are smelly
That my music’s played too loud
You seem to be ashamed of me
Why don’t I make you proud

You say my friends are very strange
That my boyfriends don’t make the grade
But why are you forgetting
It was from you that I was made

You say there’s no one like me
That I’m from a different kind
Can’t you see I’m just a person
Who has their own mind

You say you were never like me
In your younger years
Don’t you know I’ve heard the stories
With my very own ears

So let me spread my wings and fly
I’m really not that bad
I’m just a normal teenager
You know that Mum and Dad

Her Day

Look at me a vision in white
All dressed up, hair make-up
Wow what a sight

Nerves are pulsing emotions are high
I stand for one last look
I smile and sigh

People will look I hope they like what they see
For once I like it
Looking at me

Down the stairs out of the door
Into the car for the trip
I’ll take once more

Through the gate up the long path
Try not to trip
Try not to laugh

Stop stand still search out his face
Proceed clutching tightly
Quicken my pace

Words seem so slow faces seem gone
People are here
But we are as one

Tummy is calm yet my heart comes alive
When I hear those words
You are now man and wife

Hidden Love

I know its wrong to love you
From deep within my heart
Its hard to know how it began
However it did start

I’ve wanted you for oh so long
To touch and kiss and hold
But I cannot have you
Or share these thoughts so bold

I see your smiling face
In everything I do
I long to have you hold me
And it breaks my heart in two

In my thoughts you’re with me
And in my dreams at night
Everything’s so perfect
Things turn out to be just right

When I look into your eyes
You must feel the love I hide
Even though I’ve buried it
Within me deep inside

Another time another place
We could have been together
But I’ll love you from afar
Always and forever

My World

I felt so very ordinary until you came my way
And took me from my normal world and lightened up my day
You were the only one for me someone I did adore
I never thought you’d notice me the one from the fourth floor
I used to sit and watch you it made me feel alive
I longed to just walk with you never mind become your wife
On the day in question I sat with a pot of tea
And watched you walking back and forth right in front of me
You looked my way with eyes so clear my heart beat how it raced
I couldn’t tear my eyes from yours or break this special gaze
You sat down at my table and smiled that perfect smile
You stayed and chatted with me for more than just a while
Closing time came all too soon I thought my heart would break
To think you’d walk away from me made my body shake
You asked if I would go with you and share a bite to eat
Then took my hand and led me into the cold dark street
Your grip it didn’t loosen instead it held me tight
As we walked further into the starry night
We had a meal and talked and talked until it was quite late
I thanked you for a lovely time and wondered was it fate
I felt your breath upon my face my heart it felt no fear
Anticipation ran through my soul as I saw your lips draw near
You kissed me softly held my face and looked into my eyes
You said you felt something you just could not describe
I watched you stroll away with the promise of a call
I wondered if I’d hear from you or be made to look a fool
I went to bed quite happy and dreamed of us together
Dreamed we’d live our lives as one always and forever
The phone it started ringing I lifted it to talk
Before I could say a word you asked me for a walk
You picked me up and off we went for a special day
Words did not seem needed but this was still okay
We went on many dates that year our love it went so far
We moved into our little house and bought a little car
One day you asked me how I felt I said I was so happy
You got down on one knee right then and asked me if I‘d marry
I cried so many tears that day but tears of only joy
Which turned into greater when we had our baby boy
Fifty years have come and gone and still of you I’m sure
I loved you when I saw you first but today I love you more.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

The kettles boiled the dustings done
The washings neatly folded
The bath is full the towels are warm
The dinner won’t be scalded

The kids are clean the floor is swept
The toys are all away
The windows clean the table clear
Nothings in the way

The beds are made the clutter gone
The house is spick and span
There’s nothing left for me to do
I’ve done all that I can


Mother to me you are
Open and caring
Trusting and sharing
Honest and true
Especially to
Remembered always


Father to me you are
Affectionate caring
Trusting sharing
Honest true
Especially to
Remembered always


Sunny smile, pale blue eyes, perfect skin
Of the softest kind, tiny hands and diddy feet
Never have I seen a vision so sweet

Husband Wife

How I love your                                  Wonderful wife I love you
Unconditional                                    In everything you do
Sweet love                                        Forever we will be
Blinding with                                     Eternal you and me
Affection and
Never ending
Darling I love you


Darling daughter you make me so proud
A wonderful woman I want to shout out loud
Unconditional love we share from the heart
Grateful to know from us this won’t part
How I have loved you since the day you were born
Trusted and cared listened and warned
Every minute of your face, it’s
Remembered forever in my own special place

The Silent Enemy

I can feel it rising again
Creeping up close, taking me slow
Oh yes your on your way, don’t I just know

I can feel the softest pulsing
It’s starting inside, that glimmer of light
It’s starting to burn but I have no fight

I can feel the anger growing
It’s nearly full, it will soon pop
Like a balloon when ready, it cannot stop

I can’t control you, you know that
You are my master, there’s no relief
You take hold of me, fill me with your grief

I bow down to you, you are powerful
You feed from me, you leave me low
I can’t tell you yet, to leave me and go

You come from nowhere, relentless
Taking me down, destroying me
I want to scream at you to leave me be

One day I’ll explode and I’ll face you
And I’ll ask myself just one question
Why was I weak when faced with depression

The Monster Inside

I’m ill, you can’t see it
But it’s there
Every day it’s with me
Who would listen or care

It’s a killer, it can be
But I’m strong
And I’m getting stronger
It won’t destroy me for long

What’s wrong many have asked
I can’t tell
You wouldn’t believe me
That my life really feels like hell

I’ve no interest anymore
Neither dreams
What’s the point in it all
I’m ripped apart at the seams

Listen to me, try and see
I feel so sad
You can’t do anything
But it doesn’t make you bad

Just be there for me always
Ask questions
I know I can beat it
This monster called depression