I have written about school in the past, about my own experiences and my children’s.  But it seems I am forever being riled by certain things that happen in school today.

My youngest is still at infant school and he is seven years old.  I have written before about how he has been assaulted at school on two occasions and how all I was told was that the school could not promise it wouldn’t happen again.  It nearly did last week but thankfully Joe had eaten his chocolate so was unable to be bullied into giving it to another child.

Today I am annoyed by the fact that teachers and schools in general seem to think they know best when it comes to my child.  When I send my child to school, I send him to be educated to the best of his abilities.  Whilst there, I expect him to be protected from anything harmful such as the said bullies.  I do not expect anything else.

So when I pack his lunchbox in the mornings, I give him a sandwich, a yoghurt, a packet of crisps, a drink and a small chocolate bar such as a penguin or a kitkat.  I do not send him in with sweets or large chocolate bars.  A lot of the mums do the same.  Yet after a conversation with some of the mums it seems the school are overreacting when it comes to the contents of lunch boxes.

My friend sent her daughter to school with flavoured water.  Her daughter will not drink anything else.  But the school thought this was inappropriate.  So it seems they would rather her go all day without a drink, than let her drink slightly flavoured water.  Any type of fluid is good for you but obviously us mums all have the sense not to send our kids to school with fizzy drinks.

The same friend sent her daughter to school with a mini packet of white chocolate buttons.  The school were furious and were going to take the little girl to the headmistress.

What the school have to remember is, we are the parents and we choose the items, not the child, so why therefore was the child going to be ridiculed for what she had in her lunch?

I learned some time ago when my son was still at risk of endocarditis due to his heart condition that the best time to actually eat anything such as chocolate or sweets is at a meal time, rather than snacking at other times.  It helps prevent tooth decay.  So if the medical experts are saying this is the best time to eat, who are the school to override this?

What I never thought about until yesterday was what the same friend mentioned.  If you send your child to school with dinner money so they can have a hot lunch during the day, it seems it is acceptable for the school to provide whatever they deem fit. 

So someone please explain to me, if for dessert at school you are given chocolate cake and chocolate sauce, why is it therefore such a crime to send your child to school with a small chocolate bar or mini packet of chocolate?  Surely this is double standards. 

But of course it doesn’t matter because the school are out to make money and by a child having school dinners, the school make money.  We were even asked by letter to apply for free school meals if we were entitled.  It was noted in the letter that we didn’t have to take the meals but that it would help the school if we at least applied.  I can only assume this has something to do with the schools budget because why else would they want you to take up something you aren’t going to use?

Unfortunately, today, school is run not as a learning establishment but as a business, a money making machine, out to gain all they possibly can in one form of another.  The discipline is non existent at this young age, leaving kids to grow up not knowing what is acceptable and what isn’t. 

To close, I will say, I know what is best for my child.  I know that him having a small piece of chocolate will not harm him.  I therefore, along with a lot of other mums, would appreciate it if the school could just get on with doing what they are meant to be doing, educating my child and leave the welfare of my child to me.