It has been a while since I have blogged on here, because I have been so busy with MMA writing but I am so angered by something that I wanted to share it with you.

My thirteen year old son Luke, and my partners twelve year old son, Brody often take a walk near our house.  Just across the road there is a green stretch which leads to the lake and also a dyke that runs from one end of the green to the lake.  There are bridges over the dyke in certain places and lots of kids often sit under them, using it as a den.  I discourage Luke from going under there as it is dirty.

Today Luke and Brody went for one of their walks.  They love the XBox and play it as much as any other kids their age so when they like to get out and walk or ride their bikes, we encourage it. 

On their return Luke told me that he and Brody had witnessed drug dealing.  I will point out that on numerous dog walks, myself and David have seen the 'bike runners' cycling to people, exchanging things in swift movements and then moving on.  I am not naive and I know this sort of thing happens everywhere.

But today has angered me because my son has seen two men under the aforementioned bridge.  The man standing up had something in his hand, he then leant over and appeared to tip whatever was in his hand onto the pipe under the bridge.  The other man then leaned over onto the pipe whilst the other man kept watch.  The man keeping watch was staring at Luke and Brody.

After this incident a third person turned up and stood chatting to the other men.  The third person walked away and a few moments after, the original two men walked past Luke and looked at him in a 'what are you looking at' manner.  They also had a big Staffordshire Bull Terrier with them.

Luke decided to go over to the bridge and when he was there he saw brown powder on the pipe and a small, clear plastic bag.

Based on his description, it is obvious to me and I am sure you that these men were dealing and taking drugs at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, in broad daylight and during half term when there are lots of kids and families playing.

I am totally fed up with kids not being able to play out or walk in the open air without having to be subjected to either drug dealing like today or as is the usual around here, gangs of hoodie kids looking for trouble. 

Only last week, we walked past a gang on six or seven kids, dressed in black, hoods up.  They all eyed us up and down because they obviously knew that we knew they were the little bastards that had just stolen from the local co-op.  The police were called with the location of the people but by the time they arrived, the gang had moved on.  But not before one mouthy little 'thing' openly shouted that on Bonfire Night, him and his crew were going to do damage/blow up another local shop.  One of this gang had mouthed off at Luke earlier that day and crashed into him deliberately all because he glanced in his direction.  The police were told about the threat against the shop and said they would let the shop owners know.

I was round the shop today and asked if the police had forewarned them to which the answer was no.  I also was told that they have things happen over and over again at the shop, which I have also seen with my own eyes on numerous occasions, but the police never prosecute despite having CCTV evidence.

I digress from today's events but I just wanted to make it clear, that the sort of scum occupying our streets are not welcome.  I do not judge people for their beliefs, choices, addictions etc and I understand that people have problems but I object to carrying out this behaviour in a public place populated by children.  My son has a photograph of the two men but what is the point in calling the police?  They will do nothing, they never do anything.  I am by no means against the police but around here they don't seem to care.  A local pub on the island near a school always has strong wafts of drugs trailing out of its doors and drug dealing in the car park.  I have even seen a needle left on the floor.

The police have been informed of many things like this, drugs, theft, anti social behaviour but they do nothing.  I feel it is about time we as a community stood up for ourselves and our children and dealt with these people ourselves.  Why should our kids feel fearful of taking a walk and have to witness events such as today?

If we don't stand up for ourselves and our kids then who else is going to?  The only thing is, the reprisals from doing just that could quite literally be fatal so what exactly are we meant to do?