I came across the advert and it was by no means by chance.


“Magnus Film Studios looking for an assistant to work full time.  Please click the attachments at the bottom of this advert to view the full job description and person specification”.


Before clicking the attachments, I did a quick google search, although I already knew that Magnus has just signed Carter Cortez for a five film deal.  But I still had to check, it was just my nature.


Once confirmed, I read the full job description, needlessly although over and over again I read it.  The job was for a general assistant to work in worldwide locations assisting the film crew and cast during filming.  It was a generous pay but the salary wasn’t the kick I needed.  It was the chance of working nearby my idol Carter Cortez.  I’d idolised him for ages.  Followed him on all the social networking sites, collected all the cuttings and photos I could find.  I genuinely believed he was the love of my life.  Other guys didn’t make the grade for me and it wasn’t for the want of them trying.


Even saying so myself, I had to admit that I was extremely attractive, slim but shapely.  Perfect blonde hair, big blue eyes and spider leg eyelashes, with an ample bust and long, toned tanned legs; I was the kind of girl most men did a doubt take on.  But that most men were too scared to approach.  It wasn’t always a plus being so attractive because it was always assumed that I was a dumb blonde, nothing more than a ‘look’.  I was far from dumb, nearing genius on the IQ Scale.  Men adored me but women hated me, I hardly had any female friends because they saw me as a threat.


It was laughable really because I wasn’t a threat to any woman.  I wasn’t interested in their husbands or boyfriends no matter how good looking or suave they were.  I was only interested in one man, period.  Carter Cortez with his olive skin, brooding brown eyes, rippled abs and teeth as white as snow – he was perfection.  In my mind, I was Miss Perfect and him with his sexy accent, was Mr Perfect.


There and then I knew I had to get the job that would enable me to work my magic on Carter.  I didn’t like to lose and I certainly went for what I wanted with a passion.


I’d sent my fantastic resume and had been offered an interview by letter.  I read the letter, over and over again sat on the tube to the London office of Magnus.  I was out to win the position and judging by the admiring glances from the men and the scowls from the ladies, I was looking my best.


Resume in hand, I entered the boardroom of Magnus Studios and took the chair in front of three suited men.  Thank God.  All men, no women.  I smiled sweetly and batted my eyelashes.  One of the suits even loosened his tie.  The effect was working.


I answered all the questions in a clear, calm, husky voice.  Yes I was ready to commit to a six month contract in America, I told them.  And yes with my vast experience of the music industry, various media companies and small time film companies, I was sure I was perfect for the job.  I smiled to myself as I thanked the three suits for their time and made my way home to my apartment in South London.  They said I would hear within a week but I was quietly confident that I’d nailed it.  Not just by the slightly shorter than usual skirt or the flash of cleavage as I leaned forward to scratch an imaginary itch but also by my impressive resume, cool composure and the interest I had surprised them with in Magnus as a whole.


Sure enough just two days later, I received a formal offer of employment and here I was in LA unpacking my suitcase in the apartment or rather condominium I had been put up in for the duration of my stay.  Nothing flash but it had all I needed.


Once unpacked I spent the afternoon lazing by the pool in my bikini, dreaming behind my designer frames, of the next day when I would finally get to meet the love of my life Carter.  I had no doubt in my mind that Carter would notice me but I had to ensure that it was more than just a fleeting glance that he sent my way.


With an elegant knee length, black and white flowing skirt and a white vest top that hugged all the right places, complete with black pumps, I arrived on set with time to spare.  I waved at John and Logan who I’d shared a meal with the previous evening.  They were the Set Managers and I mainly answered to them.


I held no worries about either, both gay, having been together for years.  They’d quizzed me the previous evening about my home life and marital status to which I’d said quite simply, as I always do, I don’t have time for relationships, I am strictly a career woman.  This always impressed the powers that be as they looked upon me as reliable and not ready to drop babies anytime soon.


The location crew were all set up and ready for the first scene shot of the day.  Now we were waiting on the stars to arrive.  Carter walked in oozing masculinity and sex appeal, closely followed by Ariadne Lianovich.  Relatively new to the scene, Ariadne was looking a little tired.  She had appeared in lots of low budget movies to date but really made the big time in her role as the beaten wife in Domesticity.  I personally thought she was nothing special, plain looking and far too skinny.


Carter however was stunning.  Attire consisting of a tight t-shirt and shorts, I literally had to catch my breath.  So many times you hear of people idolising their heroes for years, only to finally meet them, to realise they aren’t all they are cracked up to be in ‘real life’.  But Carter was everything I knew he would be and so much more.  Literally stunning and totally looking my way.


I casually picked up the clipboard holding the daily schedule and keeping my eyes low, I walked in his direction.  As I neared, I swooned.  Well to anyone nearby it would appear that I was swooning when in fact I was a dab hand at acting myself.  Touching my head lightly with one hand, to indicate I was unsure of what was happening and reaching out to grab the nearest thing in reach, I latched onto Carters taut bicep.  Accidently?  Hardly.  He gripped my elbows and held me in front of him.  Just the touch of his hands on my skin, brought a flush to my face.


“Are you okay” he asked whilst shouting for John to get me some water.  Concern reflected in his brooding eyes.


“I am quite fine, thank you, I don’t know what came over me, it must be the heat.  I am not used to it yet” I said.


“Ah, that will be on account of the fact you are obviously English.  Hell of a different climate over here” he laughed.


“I’m really fine now thank you” I said gathering my clipboard from Logan whilst sipping at the water John had magically managed to find.  They were fussing over me far too much. 


I thanked everyone and had to smile as, whilst walking away I heard Carter say “Wow, what a stunning lady and an English Rose at that”.


Round one, won for sure.  The day passed without too much going on.  It is not as glamorous as people think in the world of movies.  A lot of the day is spent hanging around with lots of stop starting.  I was glad to get back to my condo for a soak in the tub.


Soaking in the tub in an abundance of bubbles, planning my next move in the race to win Carters heart, I heard a knock at the door.  I silently cursed whoever it was for pulling me from my fantasy.


“Just a minute please” I shouted as I slid out of the tub and into the softest, fluffiest, white bath robe ever.  Padding across the tiles, footprints a silent but visible echo of my path, I opened the door, squinting at the bright light from the security lamp.


Oh my.  In front of me stood a vision so magnificent, I had to pinch myself to ensure I wasn’t dreaming.


“Carter, what can I do for you” I asked.  Not in the slightest bit concerned about my appearance.  With or without make-up I had the natural look that all women craved but that so many could not pull off.


“I wanted to check you were okay after what happened on set this morning.  I hear adjusting to the heat is hard on you English” he smiled, indicating the balmy LA evening with his hands.


“You shouldn’t have troubled yourself.  I am doing fine.  Nothing a soak didn’t fix” I said, opening the door wider, a silent invitation to Carter.


He stepped into the small hallway and I pointed needlessly to the lounge.  Carter knew these condos like the back of his hand.  He must have stayed in about a thousand over his time.


I followed him; taking in the sight of him was like a lightning strike straight to my heart.


“Can I get you anything” I asked.


“Sure I’d love a soda please” he said.


“Well if you don’t mind helping yourself, I’ll just go throw some clothes on” I replied.


With a mad dash to find some sweats and a quick dab of lip gloss, I was back in the lounge as Carter was opening his soda.

“That’s better” I said, unclipping my damp hair and letting it tumble onto my shoulders.


“So you like LA then Dannii” he asked.


“So far so good” I laughed.


I looked at him looking at me and adopted my bashful expression.


“It’s not such a bad place, lots to do and see when you aren’t working of course.  And there is always the pool” he said with a grimace.


Ha I had him.  Carter was flirting with me.  It was written all over his face.  I was patient as he told me about all the great places to eat and visit.  I wasn’t really listening.  I’d been to LA on numerous occasions and could probably tell him places to go.


“So, if ever you are at a loose end, it’s a great place to go” I heard him say.


“Oh really?  It’s so nice of you to offer Carter, I’d love to” I leaned forward and gently patted his arm.


He stood up startled and with his next words he may as well have kicked me in the tummy.

“Oh no, I am sorry, as much as I would love to, I am so busy with the filming and what with Ariadne keeping me so busy, I just wouldn’t have the time” he said.


“I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean” I whispered.


“The worst kept secret in the industry.  Ariadne and I are getting married in the fall and right now it’s all go with arranging the engagement party” he smiled.


My mind was whirling, my heart thumping and bile was like acid in my throat.  Married to Ariadne.  Over my dead body.


“Congratulation Carter, that is such fantastic news” I falsely gushed.


“Talking of which, thanks for the soda, best not keep her waiting any longer.  I’m glad you are okay and I’ll see you on set tomorrow” with a quick peck on the cheek he went as suddenly as he appeared.


I went through the motions at work over the next few months.  Smiled in all the right places even though my heart was breaking every time I looked at the two of them together.


I’d manage to become pretty friendly with the happy couple.  Ariadne was always asking my advice on fashion and the wedding of the year.  And Carter was always showing me little gifts he had been buying for Ariadne before he gave them to her.


I happily obliged both of them and spent most of my free time shopping with one or the other of them as well as partying with them when the need arose.


So Carter asking me to go with him to choose an engagement gift was no surprise and on the promise of a drink, we went shopping for the day.  Once he was happy with his purchase, we hit a few bars and ended up being out most of the evening. 


Carter was rather worse for wear by the time I got him back to Ariadne who just shrugged, as we helped him to his bed where he flopped there unmoving.  Poor Ariadne, ten years Carters senior, she was ready to settle town whereas Carter still had that last blast of partying in his blood.


“Thanks Dannii, for getting him home safely” she said warmly.

“No problem” I smiled “But I leave for England tomorrow, some family emergency has come up and I have to leave right away.  So you are going to have to find yourself a new chaperone”


“But you’ll be back soon right?” she asked.


“Shouldn’t be away too long” I said “But I best be going now, very early start and I need to get packed”.


Ariadne pulled me into a tight embrace, hugging me close to her.  I stood there awkwardly my cheek pressed against hers.

“Say Goodbye to Carter for me” I said as I pulled free and walked away.


As I settled on the flight to Paris, I opened the LA Times that I had picked up in the airport.  I smiled inwardly.

“Carter Cortez, star of numerous blockbuster films, has been found dead in his apartment in LA.  Cortez is here filming his latest for Magnus Film Studios.  It is suspected that he overdosed on a Class A narcotic.  Ariadne Lianovich whom Cortez was set to marry this fall, is said to be devastated by the news”.


It went on to detail Carters career and ended with a photograph of him smiling from ear to ear.


On arrival at my Parisian hotel I unpacked yet another suitcase and pulled out my scrap book.  Opening it up, I leafed through the smiling faces of the men I had loved.  I found the newspaper article and cut out the picture of Carter and stuck it into its place.


I then picked up my notepaper and penned a very important letter.


“Dear Mr Conway

I would be delighted to accept your formal offer of Employment at Lisgo Music.  I am very much looking forward to assisting the very talented Steven Carnegie and the band as a whole…..”


I finished the letter with the usual gushing compliments, sealed it and placed it on the chest of drawers, ready to post.


I retrieved my scrap book and took one last look at the smiling face of Carter Cortez, softly placed my lips against the photo and then closed the book.


“I didn’t love you anyway Carter.  You were just like all the others.  Not worthy of my love” I whispered to the closed book of men who had met an untimely demise.


And with that, I put the book in the hotel room safe, lay out on my bed and thought of Steven Carnegie.


“It will be different this time” I thought to myself, arms hugging the spare pillow.  “I just know that Steven is the man for me”.