I sat in front of my television from 6pm until 2.30am yesterday/today.  I sat with so many feelings rushing through me; fear, anger, sadness and with a look on my face of pure confusion.

I haven’t written about this before today even though I have been aware that the riots started in Tottenham days before.  I try not to write without facts and at least without forming an opinion that I think is worthy to be written about.

So after many hours in front of the television I now feel I am able to give my opinion and that is exactly what this blog is, my thoughts and feelings. I don’t claim to have all the facts and any mistakes I make are entirely my own for which I apologise.  But I will not apologise for what I know is going to be a strong worded blog.

Mark Duggan was shot by police at the weekend.  Who is Mark Duggan?  Is he an innocent person, shot for no reason?  The answer is no, this man was a known criminal.  Firstly, my thoughts go out to his friends and family because no matter who or what he was, these people are the ones suffering at his death.

There is some confusion as to whether Mark shot at police first.  At the end of the day, if he drew a weapon or intimated that he had then the police have every right to protect themselves and the public.  That really is the bottom line and anyone under threat would act in the same way.  It is our basic instinct to protect ourselves.  The full facts have not yet been released so to comment further would not be productive.

I move on, riots started in Tottenham and at first we are told it is in protest of the shooting.  People have the right to protest.  But protest peacefully.  Was the Tottenham riot really a protest against the shooting?  I don’t think it was. 

And so the violence spreads and brings me up to date with what I have seen.  It started early afternoon in Hackney and who would ever have thought it would spread nationally.  Hackney on a Monday afternoon, youths setting fire to bins and cars and attacking the police with weapons.  Anything they could get their hands on thrown, bricks, wood and even chairs.

These youths don’t even know what they are fighting for.  They are a mindless bunch of thugs who took advantage of the situation and took to it like ducks to water.  Where the hell were the parents of these kids?  I watched as they rampaged the streets and looted the shops with smiles on their faces. 

One girl claimed to a camera that they were ‘claiming back their taxes’.  Really?  What by attacking innocent shop owners and sealing stock worth thousands.  Someone on Twitter said they had heard on the radio that people were justifying these acts because the parents of these youths are unable to afford to buy these things for their children.  Oh come on, get real.  I have hardly any money, I go without, my kids go without, and we get what we can afford.  We don’t feel it is our God given right to go out and steal from innocent people.  And anyone who feels they can take advantage of this situation is pure scum.

But it isn’t only the looting which gives you goose bumps.  It is the acts of arson, dozens of factories, shops and in some cases homes have been set ablaze.  People have lost their homes and their livelihoods.  How exactly is this ‘claiming back taxes’?

One lady of 68, woke up to find a youth dressed in black in her bedroom doorway.  Thankfully they left and she was unharmed.  Another lady was threatened with her life unless she handed everything over. 

And so it went on until the early hours of the morning.  A friend of mine on Twitter had to brave the mass of rioters to get home to his wife and baby son.  He made it home but he wasn’t really safe because the fires were burning so close to his home and the youths were rioting outside his window.

We all know the facts, so I don’t need to go on about them.

People are blaming the police for lack of action and in some cases it seems they didn’t act quickly enough.  But we learn today there were only 6000 police officers in London last night.  I watched crowds of angry mobs attack the police causing them to retreat.  What could they do?  In most cases the police presence was far outnumbered. 

I think the police did what they could and what they were allowed to do.  But what we all wanted to know is why the army weren’t called in?  Let them take over the streets and see the scum scarper for their lives.

Today they have called all Special Constables to duty.  Great but tell me please, why weren’t they called upon yesterday?  A little too much too late.

Most of these people are cowards.  They hit the streets with hoodies and scarfs covering their faces.  I say this to you, if you are so proud of what you are doing show your faces.  But you won’t, you hide behind disguises, hiding your identity because you are cowards.

And this isn’t about the colour of skin; there were all nationalities out in force.  Many blame the ethnic groups who they feel shouldn’t even be in our country but seriously keep it real people this is 2011 where we live in a multi-cultural society.  This isn’t the time to be racist and take revenge against certain ethnic groups.  This is the time to realise that these acts are not judged on the outside of a person but on the mentality of their mind.  Minds that in my opinion are pure evil.

I am so angry that our Country has yet again been taken over by violence and rioting.  My Mum said to me to stop worrying because it has all happened before on numerous occasions.  But how can we not worry when before our very eyes the Country is slowly but surely being burned down.

And so today we are all sat with nervous tension.  David Cameron states 16,000 police will be on the streets tonight compared to the 6000 last night.  This suggests intelligence or perhaps it is just fear of what is to come. 

I pray that last night was the peak and there is no more but I for one, like many am worried and sadly sitting in expectation of what is to come.

Stay safe London and the rest of the Country.