He hit him hard on the nose and he fell to the floor.  Then the other one stamped on his head with his steel cap boots.  The dirt marks all over the black leather, such an inconsequential detail but visible.

Blood oozed all over the pavement outside the flashing sign of the kebab shop, the letter K no longer alight with the neon lights of the other letters, making the shop more ‘ebab’ than kebab.

I screamed at the two men to stop kicking and stamping.  I screamed that they were going to kill him.  They paused briefly and as both sets of eyes looked into mine, I saw more rabid dog than man.  Pure evil emanated across the milky darkness that surrounded us.  Nothing but the glow of the lamp but I still saw the depths of hell reflected in those eyes.

With a final kick in the side of his head, the two men casually walked away into the darkness.  Both were breathless, not so much with exertion, more adrenalin. 

I walked over to Danny, spread out on the cold floor.  His face a bloody mess, bruising already starting to show.  I was angry now, no longer afraid, since the two attackers had long gone.  I was aware of onlookers, too afraid to intervene, all now playing the hero.

I stroked Danny’s hair away from his face, it was already matted with congealed blood.  His left eye completely closed.  An open gash on the side of his head oozed freely. 

‘Danny’ I said ‘Danny are you awake?  You need to open your eyes for me’.  I pleaded with him.  I quit stroking his hair and gently shook his shoulders.  He groaned, almost too quietly. But I heard it and it gave me hope.  Hope that he was alive and I wasn’t going to lose him.

I heard the sirens somewhere in the distance and prayed the paramedics would come quickly.  Minutes passed, seeming like hours and then out of the darkness appeared two saviours.  Dressed in green jumpsuits, they knelt next to Danny and set to work.

I stepped back watching the scene before me.  I looked around at the spectators, all peering and whispering to each other.

‘Stop staring’ I screamed. 

They looked suitably ashamed and the only word I could conjure up to describe them was ghouls. 

The police had arrived, one solitary cop for an assault as vicious as this, I was dumbfounded.  He worked his way around the crowd, asking questions.  Of course, no one had seen anything, they all arrived too late.  Lies, all lies but as much as they liked watching, they didn’t want to get involved.

The police officer approached me as I turned back to watch Danny, still laying in the same position, shirt cut open and bruising starting to show on his ribs that seemed to want to protrude his skin.

I noticed then that the paramedics weren’t working on him anymore.

‘What are you doing?  Why have you stopped?’ I screamed shrilly.

‘Miss, you need to calm down, first tell me your name and tell me what has happened here tonight’ the police officer asked, placing a hand on my arm.

‘Why have they stopped?’ I looked at him in the eye and saw pity.  The crowd had dispersed leaving just myself, the police officer, the two paramedics and Danny. I look at Danny and back at the police officer.

‘Miss, they have stopped because Danny is gone’ he said gently.

‘Nooooooo…….Danny’ I say rushing over to where his now lifeless body lay.  I collapse to my knees and place my head on his chest, breathing in the scent of death and blood, frantically trying to find his scent to take with me.

‘Oh Danny, I love you’ I said.

‘CUT.  Excellent work Jessica.  Such raw emotion from you, I am so impressed’ my director Montblanc said in his strong French accent.

Danny pulled himself from the set floor and sat there, arms resting on his knees.

‘Gee Jessica, I didn’t know you cared’ he laughed, rising to his feet and slinging an arm around my shoulder.   I raised my eyebrows and gave him a friendly slap.

‘That my darlings is a first take wrap - wonderful’ said Montblanc as we all wandered off set for a well deserved break.