I was challenged to write a fictional piece in 140 words by a fellow blogger on Twitter.  Here is my first offering:

I sit alone, the sounds of keys jangling in the distance, the sounds of metal meeting metal, as the old steel doors close and the keys are turned in the many locks.I sit alone with my thoughts.  No one is here yet but soon they will come to say goodbye.

I sit alone, memories of a fulfilled life playing out in my mind, memories of my childhood, my children’s childhood.

I sit alone for the penultimate hour of my life.  Then all too soon they come, embracing me, crying for me, pitying me.

Finally I sit again, although I am not alone.  I am being watched by bloodthirsty strangers.   I sit in this chair, strapped at my wrists and ankles.  I am Old Sparky’s next victim.

I sit alone waiting to be called.  Will it be heaven or hell?