I stand over her and look at her dowdy complexion.  Amid the overflowing trash cans in this damp, murky alley I realise there is no sound anymore.  All has gone quiet.

I look at her laying still, the life taken from her body.  Her dull lifeless eyes stare at nothing.  Her howls as I ripped open her soft tummy, now silent.

I relive the moment of her capture and almost preen with satisfaction.  Cornering her, wounding her so she could not move and then with my weapons I attacked. 

I relish the memory of oozing blood, seeing her insides spill onto the cobbles.

My hunger now sated, I relax my stance and retract my weapons.  My job here is done. 

Only then do I lick my paws, never once taking my eyes from my trophy, my enemy, the field mouse.