Three years ago I went on a trip with a girlfriend to visit a friend who serves in the army there.  We ended up out on the lash with him and his fellow battalion.  Midway through a conversation with a young soldier, his back turned and his eyes were focussed purely on the television screens.  ‘How rude’ I thought to myself whilst glancing at the screen. 

This was my first taste of UFC.  In all honesty what caught my eye was semi naked, muscular, sweaty men with gorgeous tattoos (my fetish) grappling on the floor in positions that had even me giggling like a school girl.  End of conversation with my new buddy and as far as I knew end of anything to do with UFC.

How wrong can a girl be?  Two years ago, my husband and I split up and I moved in with my new partner.  He is a man’s man – into motorbikes, boxing, sports cars, soccer and wouldn’t you know, UFC.

For the first year or so of our co-habiting, he would watch UFC whilst I sat reading or doing a crossword.  I’d occasionally glance up when he would say ‘Suzy, watch this move’ or ‘Suzy, I bet you like him don’t you’.  I would look and I would take an interest as that is what a dutiful girlfriend does right?

I think my partner now wishes he’d kept my eyes averted from MMA and not only because of the ‘MMMMMMMM’ factor either.  I have now fallen in love with the sport hook line and sinker.

I am not one to do anything half-heartedly.  If I like something then I give it 100%.  If I don’t like it, I will not bother with it and if I have to bother, it is with a lacklustre approach.  Obviously this new found love I have discovered, does not require me to do very much but it is occupying my mind on a constant basis.

It is also making me feel the need to practice’ my moves’ on my partner randomly on a daily basis, which always results in me ending up in positions that even the Octagon have never seen and although I often claim points ought to be deducted for eye poking and various other illegal moves made on me, I still always end up being the one to Tap Out!

I cannot remember the number of the first UFC that I actually watched but I do remember getting up on a glorious Sunday morning and spending the whole day inside watching the fights we had recorded.  This was a few months ago when I was an amateur and I was finding that my virgin plus box was not recording the whole event which was leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.  I consider myself a little more die hard now because I actually stayed up to watch UFC 132 all night last weekend!

I slowly got to learn a few things purely by watching the fights.  I learned a few terms such as the submission holds;  arm bar, triangle and guillotine and was in awe of the fantastic kicks.  The round house head kicks actually make me squeal with pleasure, not because I am a girly girl but because I appreciate the skill and art of the move. 

My favourite name out of the many different punches, kicks and holds has to be the Superman Punch.  It just makes me smile to hear Joe Rogan use the term and I love the actual execution of the move.

Moving on to the fighters themselves, I don’t know that many although I impressed myself with a list of the ones I can name off the top of my head because I have seen or heard of them by watching old fights and new.  I think one of the first fighters I watched was Urijah Faber who is currently my favourite fighter.  I knew nothing at the time and decided to choose the ‘other guy’ that night.  I lost, Urijah won.  But on the last UFC132 I picked him weeks in advance and although he lost, I think it was a pretty close call and he is still a winner in my eyes.

In our house my partner and I have a competition.  We have to name our fighter before each one starts and then we are rooted to the television willing our fighter to win!  It adds to the fun of fight night for us, nothing like healthy competition! I have won and I have lost but now I am learning so much more about the fighters and their different specialist skills, by reading things on the internet and conversing with some great people on Twitter.  I have a feeling I will be on a winning streak of something akin to 100-0-0!  Watch this space.

So should the fairer sex be so absorbed in UFC as a whole?  Is it healthy?  In my opinion it is totally healthy.  I love the rush of the sport, I love the electricity of fight night and I love the talent of the fighters.  I do sometimes have to cover my eyes if it gets very scary and I do worry about the fighters when they are KO’d; Yves Edwards had me worried sick in his last fight – but that is just the mummy in me! 

Sure some will say that women only like the sport because of the men involved – it is the same story with Soccer here in the UK, guys think girls only like watching to ogle the footballers thighs!

I will not lie to you; of course there are some gorgeous guys within UFC and me having a taste in men not like other women, probably not the usual suspects that spring to your mind.  But in every profession there are the good, the bad and the ugly!

I am a new fan, totally obsessed (in a good way).  My only regrets are not having discovered it at the very beginning and not being able to watch it LIVE as Vegas is not an affordable option right now.  Who knows maybe one day my dream will come true. 

Until then I will be spending every fight night in my pj’s, on my sofa with a good old fashioned cup of tea and a hearty voice.  And undoubtedly loving every minute of it.