It has been a while since I posted to my personal website as I have been busy with my MMA stuff but I do like to write about different things from time to time.  And I got to thinking about what I could do a brief piece on.  Last time I wrote about a young lad it was about Frankie Cocozza who had a chance of fame on the X Factor and messed it up for himself.

This time I thought I would write about another young lad who I do not know but who always make me laugh and who I believe is a great example to other youngsters.  His YouTube views and followers on Twitter and Facebook are in the thousands and I for one think he is utterly brilliant and a talent that will surely make it in the entertainment industry.

So who am I talking about?  None other than Mickey Murphy who has become famous seemingly overnight.  Now I am a 37 year old mother of two and one of my boys is roughly the same age as Mickey.  My son is always playing pranks on me and other family members and maybe I have a wicked sense of humour but I find this kind of thing hilarious.  So when my son showed me the videos of Mickey and his Nan, I couldn’t help but laugh.

I don’t know Mickey but he does live on Canvey Island and often visits his Nan.  Firstly, visiting his Nan, at his age, is good in itself.  When he is there he turns on his camera and poor Nan really does get wound up.  Some may say it is cruel but if you don’t laugh then you have humour issues that need addressing (in my opinion).

There are various videos, too many to mention individually but I do love the one where he insists his Nans crisps are off, not to mention the ‘Nan do you have Facebook’ video!  You can’t help but think ‘poor nan’ but at the same time you are wiping away your tears of laughter. 

Sure some may say that all the wind ups are horrible for his Nan but she can hold her own and demonstrates this vocally in the videos; Cause for more laughter.  The concept is simple; wind Nan up with outlandish stories and accusations, make her cross and let the world laugh.  But I think the simplicity of it, is what makes it so funny.  Mickey himself can’t help but laugh and to be honest between him and his Nan, we are hooked on the humour.

I think Mickey is a born entertainer and should be snapped up by someone.  He has the right look, the right manner and from what I can see is already savvy when it comes to marketing himself.  He isn’t out on the streets causing trouble or getting up to mischief like so many youngsters are.  He has found his ‘bag’ and delivers and entertains his audience.  Reading comments online, he seems to also be a help to people who are down or have problems and that to me speaks volumes.

I would not be surprised if we see a lot more of Mickey in the future.  A talented young lad who is destined for bigger things and who definitely must not forget his Nan when he hits the big time.  For now, if you haven’t checked him out already you really should. 

I’m sure I speak on behalf of thousands when I say thanks for the laughs and keep them coming.